Dr. Ben Burton



Dr. Ben is a life-long advocate for those in need, especially children, the environment, and non-human animals. He has long been a pioneer and proponent for our ecosystem and environmental sustainability, specifically on protecting rare and endangered flora and fauna species native to North America.

As the Founder of Restore Native Plants, he and his team have protected 216 acres in Northern New Jersey and have restored these tracts of land to provide safe havens for bees, butterflies, birds, and local wildlife by planting more than 60,000 native plants. Additionally, he created his own rare native plant propagation facility and has incorporated the use of innovative technologies such as hydroponics used traditionally in agriculture for food production. With a passion for educating, he sponsored the creation of the “Dr. Ben Burton Native Plant Garden” at Teaneck Creek Conservancy, a learning center for schools, scout groups, and homeowners. Ben is the recipient of the Bergen County Audubon Society Advocacy Award and the recipient of the Environmental Excellence Award from The Teaneck Creek Conservancy. Extending his environmental initiative to children from inner cities and the most vulnerable in our society, he introduces them to hands-on planting programs while encouraging plant-based diets, having co-sponsored a program with Harlem Grown.

Dr. Ben authors and publishes books to aid in the emotional and social development of children. Narrating the innate wisdom and calmness of an animal’s nervous system, all ages relate easily to the resonant skills as a guide. His compassionate determination to help all living beings continues as Ben donates all the profits from his book sales to support no-kill animal shelters. http://www.littlebenbooks.com.

Ben also spends his time sharing the benefits of Interpersonal Neurobiology and Non-violent Communication. He helps a wide range of individuals, from victims of trauma to coaching and training leaders in life and business. Ben also volunteers his time as an Executive Board Member for several non-profit groups in the tri-state area.

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